ART-X gives shape to ideas and dreams of artists;

works on the scenery of exhibitions; combines craftsmanship with personality



With ART-X we make the ideas of artists possible. We are actively involved during the design phase, give the set design form, guide for devices and ensure that each exhibition results in an interesting success. 

ART-X combines many years of experience with dynamic enthusiasm, pride about the workmanship, friendly atmosphere and personal style. 

ART-X realizes worldwide productions and works in various domains, both in the public space as for indoor projects, both for temporary and for permanent installations. It is a versatile team that helps with transport, art handling, exhibition architecture and furniture, 3D visualizations, and every aspect of the production process.

ART-X is passionate about contemporary art, works on size as well as in dialogue.





Chente de Waele

Tel: +32476438528

Bruges, Belgium

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